Portland 4 the Philippines, NW Quadrant on Dec. 15


Our second event! The first one was a great success, and we truly hope to continue the trend, and get as many people out as possible. Please share with your friends and family and your community. The more people we bring, the more money we can raise to send and feed families who have lost ALL resources on their islands.

Here are the organizations we are donating to, as well as the main Facebook page for our fundraiser!




Take a look through their pages to see what amazing work they are doing in the islands.

There will be a raffle with many great gift certificates and items which were donated by local businesses, an art auction with several pieces from local talented artists, and great entertainment.

All proceeds will be going directly into the hands of 2 organizations on the ground in the Philippines who need it.

Door is $5-$20 sliding scale

Come, share, laugh, and love. We will send that love to those in need.

Musical acts!

Wil Kinky, Scott Deans, and Krista Herring will do a singers exchange

Acoustic Minds

Martin Zar Zar (of Pink Martini)


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