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PDX 4 the Philippines in NW Portland, A Success!

PDX 4 the Philippines in NW Portland, A Success!

Portland 4 the Philippines’ second event in the NW Quadrant of Portland was a success! The Blue Olive on NW 21st was alive with families, friends and community members. Musicians and artists volunteered their time and energy to this great cause!




Portland 4 the Philippines is a group of artists and musicians in Portland Oregon who are working on a 4 benefit series of fundraisers to raise funds to send to 2 separate non-profits located directly on the islands in the Philipines with whom our two founders are directly associated, Christian Faith Mission Network and Soft Power Philippines.

Organizers Djo, Nusheen, John and Rianna have done a great job! The next two quadrant events will be in 2014! Look out for more info!


Brazilian Artists for Haiyan Relief

Brazilian Artists for Haiyan Relief

Bloco Alegria


Djo Fortunato


Buzz Holland Duo

Last night, over 50 people came to see Brazilian musicians and bands play to raise donations for those affected by typhoon Haiyan! Organized by world-class Brazilian musician, Peter Fung, Portland-based bands like Bloco Alegria, POPgoji, and the Buzz Holland duo came to raise money and spirits at TaborSpace in SE Portland! Thank you for your solidarity!


4 Events in the 4 PDX Quadrants!

pdx 4 pi

Portland 4 the Philippines is arranging a 4 part, 4 venue, 4 date fundraiser to benefit relief efforts in the Philippines through direct contact with loved ones which know already living, surviving, and helping to assist with recovery already located in the Philippines. There will be 4 events over the course of Dec and Jan, along with online fundraising to help keep donation options available to those attending, and those who may not, but still want to help.

This is an attempt to get direct assistance to those who are already there to help without going through massive corporate offshore donation centers such as Red Cross, who prove time and time again to be unreliable, and never enough. There is no middle men in this fundraiser. All art is donated, all venues were offered freely, all volunteers are unpaid, all entertainment is volunteers. 100% of all funds raised will be going directly to the non-profits specified already located in the Phillipines.

For more info:


Bangon Pilipinas PDX/APANO’s Asian Heritage Night


Bangon Pilipinas PDX/APANO's Asian Heritage Night
Bangon Pilipinas PDX (pronounced Bah-ngon) collective – a workgroup of APANO Filipino/ Fil-Am leaders, has come together to support the needs of women affected by this super storm. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific (CATWAP), an organization that fights anti-trafficking and abuse in all forms. CATWAP is currently focused on bringing relief goods, searching for the missing, and assessing violence against women, monitoring anti-trafficking red flags in affected areas, and serving the needs of all those who are vulnerable in light of the recent natural disaster.

The reception is dedicated to raising awareness for the continued relief and rebuilding efforts for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The event will feature poetry, sharing of stories by Filipinos from the regions affected and the music of renowned Filipino artist, Cynthia Alexander.

Join us following the reception, at the Moda Center as the Portland Trail Blazers take on Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets at 7:30pm
For Game Tickets:
Promo Code: APANO

Raffle Tickets start at $10.00

Raffle items include:
Jade District Dining Package
Portland Trail Blazers Autographed Basketball
… plus more to be announced!

The reception will be held at the Leftbank Project 2nd Floor Lobby, 240 N Broadway, Portland, OR 97227


Dance for Relief, Part 2, a huge SUCCESS!

zumba 2 zumba 3

Over 80 people packed the gym at Portland Community College Cascades on December 7, 2013 to participate in a 90-minute Zumba and U-Jam Fitness class to raise money to provide relief to the victims of this devastating storm.

Dance for Relief, Part 2, a huge SUCCESS!

Zumba instructors from all over Portland volunteered their time and talent for a great cause!



Community Forum on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Community Forum on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

On December 7, Elizabeth Swager, director of the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, an organizational member of PDX Relief, and Dr. Valerie Francisco, a signatory of PDX Relief participated in a community forum on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement discussing climate change and its consequences like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an international free trade agreement being written by and for big corporations, at the expense of good-paying jobs, affordable medicine and the quality of the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we feed our children.

After four years of TPP negotiations, the only texts that the public has seen are those that have been leaked. The most recent being the Wikileaks release of the TPP’s chapter on intellectual property which revealed language to extend the life of drug patents, making it harder to access life-saving medicine.

Meanwhile they’ve granted hundreds of corporate lobbyists special cleared advisor status that gives them access to the texts. This super secretive trade deal would have a chilling effect on future environmental policies that are desperately needed to address climate change and prevent climate catastrophes such as the recent mega typoon that stuck the Philippines.

Local community leaders share their perspective on how the TPP will threaten democracy, labor and the environment.


Portland State’s Vanguard on PDX Relief

Portland State's Vanguard on PDX Relief

Portland State University covers PSU clubs working with PDX Relief on raising funds for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.